Custom Made Signs

Custom Made Wood Signs by Crafted

Don’t have time to attend a workshop, but want a Crafted wood sign for your home or to give as a gift? No problem! We are happy to help! Please review below on how to order your custom sign. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@getcraftedusa.com.

How to Order

Step 1: Select the type of wood craft you want built
Step 2: Select a design from our gallery

-Don’t see the design you want? That’s ok, we will happily create a custom design for you. Feel free to provide reference photos of the custom design you want.*

Step 3: Choose your distressing preferences
Step 4: Choose your stain color or faux finish technique
Step 5: Pick the paint color(s) you want your design painted
Step 6: Pay invoice

*In accordance with Federal Copyright Laws, M&M Creative, LLC, D/B/A “Crafted” will create custom designs similar to or inspired by other works of art, but will not copy copyrighted designs outright. Fonts, icons, images, and words are subject to change at the discretion of M&M Creative, LLC, D/B/A “Crafted”.

Step 1: Type of Wood Crafts

Please click on the wood craft below to see shape, measurements, and designs offered:

  • $79.50* Double-sided Planked Signs (11-in x 42-in)
  • $69.50* 6-Foot Planked Signs (9-in x 72-in)
  • $59.50* Standard Planked Signs (Option a 21-in x 23-in, Option B 16.5-in x 23-in, Option C 11-in x 42-in)
  • $59.50* Planter Box (5.5-in x 6.5-in x 23-in)
  • $49.50* Round / Oval Sign or Tray (17-in diameter and 17-in x 23-in diameter)
  • $54.50* Trays (Option A 14-in x 23-in, Option B 11-in x 36-in, Option C 13-in x 19.5-in)
  • $49.50* Medium Planked Signs (Option A 16.5-in x 18-in, Option B 11-in x 23-in)
  • $39.50* Frame (9-in x 18-in)
  • $39.50* Pencil Box (3.5-in x 12-in)
  • $34.50* Mini Planked Signs (Option A 11-in x 12-in, Option B 5.5-in x 18-in)

*not including sales tax of 6.25% (Collin County, Texas)


Prices for Custom Ordered signs ordered from our workshops are the same prices as our workshop prices.

However, if a more custom sign or wood craft is requested outside the scope of our workshops, pricing will depend on the following:

  • size of the wood project
    • $0.25 per square inch


  • additional number of stencils needed for design, including the need for overlays
    • $0.15 per linear inch


  • computer needed design time
    • $30 per hour

Packaging and Shipping rates are not included. Rates are determined by UPS.


Once a Sign and Design has been chosen, a PayPal Invoice for the total amount will be emailed to you. WE WILL NOT PROCEED UNTIL INVOICE IS PAID. Upon receipt of payment, artwork will be submitted for acceptance, and your order will be completed within 5-10 business days upon approval of artwork.

If you have requested a more Custom Stencil Design and/or Custom Sign, please allow an additional 2-3 days for artwork creation and approval (note: up to 2 rounds of changes can be made).

We will contact you once your order is ready for pick-up.

A rush fee of $25 will be charged for orders needing to be completed within less than 5 days.


If you are unable to pick-up your piece at the studio, we can ship it to you. Additionally packaging and shipping rates will apply.


The purpose of distressing the wood is to make it resemble Reclaimed Wood. It is not mandatory to choose a distressing technique. Please review our distressing tools below and indicate the following:

-which tool

-what markings

-heavy or light


Stain Options

Please select your choice of stain color:

Optional Faux Finish Technique

We offer 5 different Faux Finish Techniques if you’re looking for something more rustic or vintage. Please read the descriptions carefully before making your selection.

Antiquing Glaze is a chocolate-colored glaze that is applied over your choice of stain to give a vintage and aged look. Please refer to the LEFT STRIPE along each of the the Stain Colors above.

Whitewash Glaze is a lime-wash glaze that is applied over your choice of stain to give a faded and unbleached look. Please refer to the RIGHT STRIPE along each of the Stain Colors above.

Dry Brush is a paint technique that mimics worn and chipping paint for a reclaimed wood appeal or rustic farmhouse look. When choosing Dry Brush, please:

1) Select choice of Stain (shown above)

2) Select choice of Paint (shown below)

Beachwear is also a paint technique that mimics worn and chipping paint caused by sea salt and high temperatures for a “dirty” reclaimed wood look often found around coastal cities. When choosing Beachwear, please:

1) Select choice of Stain (shown above)

2) Select choice of Paint (shown below)

Burnt or Worn Edge is a staining technique that mimics the look of charred, fire-damaged wood or heavily worn wood. When choosing Burnt/Worn Edge, please:

1) Select choice of Stain for center

  • Please Note: darker the center = less of a transition to the edge

2) Select choice of Burnt Edge (black edge) or Worn Edge (dark brown edge)

Paint Options

When selecting your paint colors, please specify what part of the stencil is to be painted what color.

Request Custom Order

  • Choose from the following offered wood crafts:
  • Type in the Name of the Design you want on your Wood Craft.
  • Please provide ALL personalized information (as applicable to the design chosen) such as initial, surname, names, established date, birthdate, preferred home state or country, sport/activity, team name/number, etc.
  • Select all that apply
  • Select all that apply
  • Select which Faux Finish Technique you want. If you DO NOT want a Faux Finish, please select NONE and type N/A in following box.
  • If you have chosen the Faux Finish Techniques of Dry Brush or Beachwear above, please type in your choice(s) of Paint Color(s). NOTE: This is NOT your choice of Paint for your words. If you HAVE NOT chosen Dry Brush or Beachwear above, please type N/A.
  • Please select your choice of stain, even if you have chosen a Faux Finish Technique above.
  • Select all applicable paint colors for your stencil art. If requesting a CUSTOM COLOR, please provide color swatch or sample via email: info@GetCraftedUSA.com
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