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The Story of Crafted in Frisco, TX

All because two people wanted to be crafty…

We’re Melissa and Melissa, known in small circles as the M&Ms. Our friendship was undoubtedly forged in a single night of Tex-Mex, Holy-Crow-These-Are-STRONG Margaritas, and Craft Beer. Our bond grew over a love of good food, card games, Halloween night shenanigans, painting and a debatably healthy Pinterest obsession. And all of this has turned into a dream come true for us.

We won’t give you the David Copperfield version of how Crafted came to be … you know the “I was born. I lived. I died.” epic story … but we will give you the tall drink version. Melissa Winton … how about you kick things off for us?!

Grab a drink…
this could take a while
Melissa Winton and Melissa Lagrange, cofounders of Crafted Home Decor Studio in Frisco, TX

I grew up a tomboy helping both my father or stepfather in their workshops, building furniture and home décor projects, both of them master carpenters and craftsmen. One of my more favorite projects was helping to build a small Haunted Voodoo Tiki Hut in the front yard for Halloween, which became the foundation for my love of Halloween.

I was (and am) every bit a Renaissance woman looking for just the right outlet to unleash all of my creative energy.

I found ways to cultivate my creativity by painting murals in children’s bedrooms (beginning with my own daughter’s room) and sketching cartoons out of pastels for my children. My husband, James, and I would throw elaborate Halloween parties for our friends, and eventually our home decorations grew and grew and GREW into three years as a Charity Home Haunt named Terror on the Hill (for two of those years) and The Dead Zone (for the remaining year).

This led me to becoming an active member of the Haunted Attractions Association and being contracted to build sets and scenes for several haunted attractions across the country. I began teaching seminars at conventions, including giving demonstrations called Make-and-Takes.

It was during our years of producing the home haunt that I pulled Melissa Lagrange into my haunted world, by conning—err, I mean “inviting”—her and her husband, Philip, to be a part of our haunt.

That’s where I learned …
Well, why don’t I let
her take over from here? Melissa…?

Growing up in south Louisiana with a family that encouraged me to explore my creativity, whether that was painting, working with ceramics, or dancing – was what started it all for me. By the time I was an adult, I knew enough to be able to tackle my own home DIY projects and if there wasn’t something I knew how to do … I was resourceful enough to figure it out!

Melissa and Melissa with Crafted on Main Street in Frisco, TX

Since graduating from college in 2002, I’ve spent most of my time working in product marketing and market research and no matter the role, I’ve always found ways to express myself creatively. From designing custom packaging concepts, developing company newsletters or coordinating product launch events, I was always looking to fill that creative void.

Outside of work, I have always had a love for home décor and transforming spaces into truly unique environments. Things all came together in a perfect storm, if you will, once I met Melissa and felt that fire to craft and create within her too! I think it sparked something in both of us to take all that we love to do and make it something more.

That’s right! After another successful Halloween season, we began partnering up for other build projects, and before we knew what hit us, we had become partners in DIY crime, filling our weekends with lots of laughs, power tools, and Pinterest projects. It wasn’t until we saw other posts of home DIY’ers using the exact same aging and distressing techniques for wood that we had used in the haunted house that we realized we could bring our love for DIY to the masses too!

But how?! YouTube tutorials? Instructables? A blog?


By hosting our very own make-and-take classes in our very own studio, of course!

But wait, there’s more!

We could invite our new crafty friends to bring their friends and families…AND some tasty beverages? VOILÁ!

Crafted was born!!!

So, join us in our cozy studio in Frisco, bring a drink, and enjoy an evening full of laughs, learning, and DIY fun! With our easy-to-follow steps, we will guide you through the artistic process of crafting your very own personal piece of art for your home. Each night is a whole new experience with a wide range of projects offered for every person no matter the skill level, whether experienced or inexperienced, man or woman, adult or child. There’s something for everyone!

Come on…

Get Crafted


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