COST: $65.00

DATE: December 27, 2018

TIME: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

LOCATION: Crafted Studio
8700 Main Street, Suite 120
Frisco, TX 75033 United States

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Large Signs (SOLD OUT)

December 27 at 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm | $65.00

Welcome to our Large Signs workshop! These wall signs are our most popular because of the variety of sizes you can choose from to fit in that perfect place in you home. These also make the best gifts to loved ones!

Select the Board option you’d like to build and then choose the corresponding Graphic you’d like to paint. As always, when you come into the studio, you will personalize your sign with your choice of distressing technique, stain / faux finish, and paint color for your Graphic.

If we do not have the Graphic that you would like to create, never fear, Crafted is here! Just email us a reference photo of the design you want to at info@getcraftedusa.com. Please note: that we cannot copy another business’s design outright due to Federal Copyright and Trademark Infringement Laws. However, we can create something inspired by or somewhat similar to the provided reference.

We’re looking very forward to having you in the studio!

STEP 1 | PICK your Board

Option A : 23″ x 21″
Option A
Option B : 36″ x 11″
Option B
Option C : 42″ x 11″
Option C
Option D : 23″ x 16.0″
Option D

*Boards sizes are approximate

STEP 2 | CHOOSE your Design

Option A Designs
Option B Designs
Option C Designs
Option D Designs

STEP 3 | PURCHASE your Ticket

Who's Attending

16 people are attending Large Signs (SOLD OUT)

  • Melissa Eldridge
  • Kimberly Escalle
  • Amy Fry
  • Karen Davis
  • Dianna Porter
  • Kristin McCollum
  • Tish Vana
  • Laura Vana
  • Jill Williams
  • Barbara Vana
  • Chastity Johnson
  • Debbi Steinfeld
  • Lori Thompson