COST: $45.00

DATE: November 20, 2018

TIME: 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Ladies Night with Heritage Table – Trays

November 20 at 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm | $45.00

It’s Ladies Night, and we’re feeling right! Oh yes, it’s Ladies Night! Oh, what a night with Heritage Table! Join us for a special Ladies Night of great food and wine with our friends, Heritage Table!

Start the night off by making a reservation at Heritage Table and receive a 15% discount on an Appetizer and Bottle of Wine (with proof of registration), then bring that bottle with you for a $10 discounted Trays workshop! That’s right, not only do Trays work in almost any space in your home and on any surface (even walls!), trays combine practical organization with a beautiful expression of your personal style. You can do so much more with a decorative tray than just serve breakfast in bed – but that’s a great option, too!

The trays come pre-assembled, so you just need to select the graphic you’d like to paint, and as always, you will get to personalize your box with your choice of stain or faux finish, and paint color in the studio.

STEP 1 | PICK your Board

Option A : 23″ x 13.5″
Option A
Option B : 36″ x 11″
Option B
Option C : 19.5″ x 13″
Option C

*Boards sizes are approximate

STEP 2 | CHOOSE your Design

Option A Designs
Option B Designs
Option C Designs

STEP 3 | PURCHASE your Ticket

Remaining seats: 24

Select Your Board:

Choose Your Design:

Personalization: *

If sign includes name, initial, established date, etc., please provide that information here. If no personal details are required, please enter N/A.

Be sure to call Heritage Table at 469-664-0100 to reserve your table

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